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Update now to

Visual Asset Protection v4.14.3

5th February 2009

Email Notification Fix
- some mobile phones would not display the attachment JPG photo file. This was overcome by a change to the encoded format now being used.

Video Database Improvement
- Extra checking information has been added to the video record database files to detect any file format corruptions. On detecting a BAD file an automatic video database rebuild will occur to correct the problem.

Video Playback Fix
- If playing back a camera by sliding the +/-5min slide bar forward to current time, would cause occasional null files being created in the video database. This made playing backwards Jerky causing unusual time overlapping for several seconds. This problem is now fixed.

Further improvements to RemoteAccessmanagement
- pop-up banner messages no longer interfer with user typing or other window control
- now always shows time at origin, no longer converted to remote time zone
- easier setup, grabs most email settings from MS Outlook Express on install
- better handskaking with main system for faster pictures
- automatic lighting control if scene is too dark
- remote arming/disarming of the system
- a broader support of IMAP server protocol (overcomes login problems on some servers)

Refinements for future RemoteMonitoring support
- multi-frame movement detection for reducing false alarms
- multiple-alarm triggers for confirming perimeter alarm events
- auto arming/disarming based on time-of-day
- system current status reporting
- transmission of Contact Details in case of emergencies

Selectable entry/exit delay for alarm monitoring
- short or long entry/exit delays
- you can choose based on system physical setup

suitable for use with (optional) wireless key for external arming/disarming
- provides a hands-off external arming/disarming from the local area, ie yard, front gate etc
- state-of-the-art control using encoded rolling-coded system
- up to 30 meters range

Visual and audiable Enunciator support
- pre-alarm warning to potential intruders
- strobe light reminder to disarm for legitimate access

Automatic lighting control (using our relay control module)
- if camera scene is TOO dark, lighting relay will be activated when the camera is selected
- on a valid alarm being detected, ALL lighting relays will be activated
- auto lighting will be turned off after 5min
- auto lighting activated by RemoteAccess

EvidencePlayer improvements
- full screen playback mode can now be controlled using the mouse only, left mouse button play/stop, right mouse button for pop-up menu, supporting reverse,stepping, printing, saving etc

Windows Vista Support
- Updated to support the new VISTA operating system. Several security issues have been addressed to allow VISTA to install and run the Visual Asset Protection System.

Single Camera MINI-1 Support
- software updated to support existing 4 camera and new Single camera hardware equipment. .The Software determines the type of system and adapts itself accordingly.

Internet Gateway Provider
- to simplify the use of setting up and accessing the Visual Asset Protection system over the internet An IGP service can now be selected to provide alarm notification via Email, mobile phone SMS/MMS and voice call announcements. Also provider simple camera viewing over the internet.

Running on Slower PCs
- if you have installed a new 2008/9 Virus Scanning package (Nortans, AVG etc) on your older PC and found things no longer respond properly or that recording is intermittant, then try this update. It will give better time-sharing on busy computers. Also check the new HELP Q&As for more information on this topic.

24 Hour PC time conflict
- if you have installed the Visual Asset Protection software onto a new computer using a 24hour time mode (ie 2pm=14:00) then a recording overlap may have occurred in the video history in the afternoons of every day. The new version fixes this problem and is compatible with 24hour time mode.

Click here to download v4.14.3

File Size: 11.5Mb

Do NOT use this update if you are currently using RemoteAccess over email method, provided in previous v2.xx and v3.xx software versions.

Before installing the downloaded Update program, please close/exit the current Visual Asset Protection program on your computer and from the CONTROL PANEL in windows, use the Add/Remove Programs option to remove the current version of Visual Asset Protection. Then run the downloaded Update program.


This software is protected by copyright. It may only be downloaded, installed and used in accordance with the enclosed license agreement and by existing owners of Visual Asset Protection systems. It can NOT be used for any other purpose. All rights reserved. C-it Digital Pty Ltd, Australia.

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